Monday, August 28, 2006

Born to Be Wild - Catherine Coulter

Born To Be Wild
Catherine Coulter

Thriller – Romantic Suspense

Mary Lisa Beverly is an actress on the wildly popular soap Born To Be Wild. In three years, she’s won three Emmys for Outstanding Actress. Her character, Sunday Cavendish is a real villanness, but fans love her. After winning her third Emmy, Mary Lisa is walking near her home in Malibu when a car knocks her down in the street. Several witnesses claim that it was no accident; the driver aimed at her deliberately.

Needing a break and nursing her bruises, Mary Lisa decides to make a trip to her hometown of Goddard Bay, Oregon. Once there, she’s forcibly reminded of the reasons she never visits. Her sister, Monica, is now married to Mary Lisa’s ex-fiancé. Her mother seems resentful and jealous. But the Chief of Police and the D.A. both express interest. For a woman who’s got a red-hot career and a very cool love life, it’s flattering. When bad things seem to follow her to Goddard Bay and back, Mary Lisa has to decide whom to trust in order to stop the attempts on her life.

This novel works equally well as a mystery/thriller or as romantic suspense. Readers more interested in the mystery/thriller aspects will find a fast-paced novel filled with interesting characters. Mary Lisa’s dialogue (both internal and external) is witty and fun. Those who are looking for the romantic aspects will find much to enjoy here, too. There are plenty of ways that both the mystery and the relationship issues can go, and the author doesn’t disappoint. A good dose of humor keeps the action from getting too grim, but the author knows when to pull back to avoid slapstick. While the mystery is wrapped up in the end, there are secondary characters ripe for sequels. All this makes for a fast and very entertaining read.

Rating: 7 ½
August 2006
ISBN# 0-515-14239-5 (paperback original)


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