Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sorcerer's Moon - Julian May

Sorcerer’s Moon
Book Three in the Boreal Moon Tale
Julian May

King Conrig, known as Ironcrown, is beset from all sides. The menacing Salka, intelligent amphibian “monsters,” are determined to drive out the human encroachers. Long ago, the humans took control of their lands and built their kingdom there, forcing the Salka into small pockets of swamp. This war could not come at a worse time for Conrig, whose power and sanity are disintegrating daily.

In a bid to consolidate his power, Conrig wants to marry off his son and heir, Orrion, to the daughter of an ally. Orrion wants nothing to do with this plan, and makes a pact with the Beaconfolk, beings of magic, that will allow him to marry his childhood sweetheart, Nyla. Too late, he discovers that the pact carries consequences, and he will be unable to take over the throne from his father. His twin brother, Corodon is the next logical successor, but he is unfit for rule, as well.

Many subjects have forgotten that the King was married once before, to the Princess Maudrayne. Those who remember her, believe that she is dead. As Royal Intelligencer Deveron Austrey discovers, she is very much alive and delivered a son, Dyfrig. As first-born son to the King, Dyfrig is the true heir to the throne. Raised in a foster home as a noble, Dyfrig has no idea that he is the rightful heir.

Readers who missed the first two books in this series (as I did) will find enough background information to begin from here. However, to be honest, I wish I’d read the first two novels, since this is obviously a complex series. The world building is complex and believable; the various inhabitants of the world, while some are fantastical, are rendered with such care that readers will have no problem accepting them. The varied reactions to the existence of magic are refreshingly different than in many other fantasies. An excellent epic fantasy series.

Rating: 9
August 2006
ISBN# 0-441-01383-X (hardcover)


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