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Twice Kissed - Lisa Jackson

Twice Kissed
Lisa Jackson

Mystery - Romantic Suspense

Maggie McCrae is living with her 13-year-old daughter in rural Idaho. After a long period of very limited contact, Maggie receives a message from her twin sister, Mary Theresa. The message is in her mind, but whether it’s a result of the close bond between twins, or some form of telepathy, Maggie can’t say. These messages only occur during times of great stress, and Maggie has long since given up trying to explain them to people. The message shocks her, as it is a desperate plea for help, and points to Thane Walker as the source of the danger. The twins’ history with Thane is complicated. He’s Mary Theresa’s ex-husband; he was Maggie’s first love.

Shortly after receiving the chilling message, Thane arrives, unannounced, on Maggie’s doorstep. He tells her that Mary Theresa, who long ago took the stage name Marquise, is missing. The police suspect foul play, and they suspect Thane. Maggie suspects him, too, but agrees to work with him to try to find out what happened to her sister. Her journey through her sister’s life reveals that Marquise had plenty of enemies, and a few reasons to engineer her own disappearance. Thane is convinced that the latter is the case, and wants to find Marquise and end the charade. The investigation is made more difficult for Maggie due to her growing attraction to Thane.

The story is told in three parts: first in the present; second in a flashback to the twins’ youth; then back to the present. Far from being confusing, this structure allows the author to present a much more full and complete picture of each of the twins and their relationships. Nothing in a family happens in a vacuum, so this background is essential. I have to admit that I’m not completely on board with the idea of falling for your sister’s ex, especially when you’re her twin. But the author makes it work well enough for me to at least suspend my disbelief on that score. The mystery/thriller aspects are done quite well and are very involving. This is a great page-turner for a late-summer afternoon.

NOTE: This is a re-release/reworking of a book originally published in 1998.

Rating: 7 ½
August 2006
ISBN# 0-8217-7944-3 (paperback)


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