Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Killer Insight - Victoria Laurie

Killer Insight
A Psychic Eye Mystery
Victoria Laurie


Abby Cooper is a professional psychic. Unfortunately, her gift didn’t give her any warning about what was in store for her on Valentine’s Day. She anticipated a romantic dinner with her FBI boyfriend. What she got was dumped. Sure, he tried to be nice about it, tried to hold out hope. But it’s pretty tough to fool a psychic once her antenna is up and working. The following morning, with perfectly bad timing, Abby gets a call from childhood friend Ellie, whose wedding she’s set to attend in a couple of weeks. It seems that one of the bridesmaids has run off, and Ellie wants Abby to fill in the gap. Abby finds herself agreeing, realizing that perhaps getting away will do her good.

Arriving in Colorado, she’s thrilled to be reunited with Ellie, whose family has known about and accepted her gift since early childhood. She’s more than a little surprised to see Duffy, Ellie’s older, and now quite handsome brother, who works as a sheriff. It’s a good thing for Abby that there’s a cop in the family. She begins getting visions that tell her that the missing bridesmaid isn’t just missing; she’s dead. When a second bridesmaid goes missing, Abby gets the same feeling. As the wedding party continues to dwindle, Abby turns to Duffy to help her sort things out before it’s too late for Ellie. But it may already be too late for the newest bridesmaid: Abby.

This is the latest in a wonderfully entertaining mystery series, and it starts with a shocker. Abby, shot and dying. She tells the story as a sort of final memory. It’s tremendously effective, especially for longtime readers. The author does a wonderful job of making Abby’s gift seem like a very normal part of her life. Sometimes it’s a good thing to have, and sometimes it makes for some very unhappy situations. Through it all, Abby seems very realistic and sympathetic. The mystery is quite involving and moves along at a nice clip, pulling the reader along with it. I’m always happy to see a new novel from this author. This one is no exception.

Rating: 8 ½
September 2005
ISBN# 0-451-21933-3


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