Monday, September 25, 2006

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

New Moon
Stephenie Meyer
Little, Brown

Young Adult – Horror/Vampire

Note: If you haven’t read TWILIGHT, the first book in this series, this review contains spoilers.

This second book picks up a few months after the events of TWLIGHT. Bella Swan is starting her senior year. She’s turning eighteen. And she’s not happy about it. That’s because her boyfriend, the gorgeous Edward, is a vampire, who will forever be seventeen. Sure, the difference is only one year now, but Bella realizes that the difference in their apparent ages will only increase as time passes. When Bella slices her finger while unwrapping a gift at a party thrown by Edward’s family, the sight and smell of the single drop of blood sends one member into a frenzy. The whole episode drives home the very real differences between the two. And Edward steadfastly refuses to change Bella, for reasons of his own.

Days after the disastrous party, Edward calmly informs Bella that he and his family are leaving. In fact, they’re already gone, and he has stayed behind only to tell her. Bella is heartbroken at losing her first love. But, as time passes, she gains a new friend. Jacob brings action and fun back into Bella’s life. Something she feels she’s been missing since Edward left. Their relationship dances along a line between friendship and romance, but never quite crosses that line. When Bella discovers Jacob’s true identity, their ‘fun’ quickly turns to danger.

The author depicts the heartbreak of first love lost extremely well. Anyone who has been through it will recognize it instantly. Jacob is an interesting character, full of mystery. There are several new twists to this tale, and, the ending, while not quite a cliffhanger, certainly leaves some loose ends to be tied up in the next volume. As with the previous book, there’s nothing graphic. Teens and adults who enjoy vampire fiction will enjoy this series. I look forward to the next installment.

Rating: 7
September 2006
ISBN# 0-316-16019-9 (hardcover)


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