Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Parallel Attraction - Deidre Knight

Parallel Attraction
Deidre Knight
Signet Eclipse

Fantasy/Paranormal/Science Fiction

Years ago, vacationing with her parents in Yellowstone, Kelsey, 14, meets the boy she thinks is her soul mate. Jareshk, 16, won’t tell her where he’s from, just that it’s quite far from Yellowstone. In fact, the planet that he rules is light years from Earth. The two share a few innocent but intense days until the transport ship appears and Jareshk must leave. As a precaution, a member of the council erases the memories of both young people.

Kelsey Wells is working on her graduate thesis in geology. She’s always felt inexplicably drawn to a particular area of Yellowstone. One night, while camping out on a sample-collecting trip, she investigates a strange noise. To her shock, at the lake’s edge, she encounters an alien being. Even more amazing, she’s not afraid. She somehow knows that he means her no harm, even though he’s seriously injured and sliding between a human form and some kind of energy form.

Jared Bennett is a warrior and king of an alien race. For the past six years, he’s been based on Earth, hiding in the Tetons, building up the remains of his rebel force. King since the age of ten, Jared is tired. He’s starting to take risks and get sloppy. One night, while testing a new ship, an Air Force jet shoots him down over Yellowstone. Appearing before Kelsey in his injured state, knowing that he might be dying, he takes an enormous risk. Trusting her for reasons he doesn’t quite understand, he bonds with her, transferring vital data to her in the process. Now Kelsey is in danger from the enemies of Jared’s people, and, possibly, from Jared himself.

It’s hard to believe that this is a first novel. The world building is complex and rock solid. The various societies presented here are alien but completely understandable. Both Kelsey and Jared are believable and sympathetic characters. Jared, especially, is effective as a leader who is pulled in many different directions. The prologue, detailing the first meeting of the young couple, is beautiful and heartbreaking. The rest of the novel builds on that, and throws in a very interesting twist. There’s something here for just about any reader: elements of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, romance, politics, and action. PARALLEL ATTRACTION will keep readers up late at night, unable to stop turning pages. The sequel, PARALLEL HEAT, is available now, and I can’t wait to get started.

Rating: 9
April 2006
ISBN# 0-451-21811-6 (paperback)


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