Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bubbles All The Way - Sarah Strohmeyer

Bubbles All The Way
Sarah Strohmeyer


Bubbles Yablonsky, reporter, amateur sleuth, and ardent proponent of big hair and short skirts, may be in the most bizarre predicament of her life. And trust me, that’s saying something. On the one hand, there’s the gorgeous Steve Stilleto, former photojournalist and willing groom. Bubbles has been waiting for this proposal, hoping for it, and now that it’s happened, she has to refuse to marry him. Why? Because her snake of an ex-husband, Dan, has also asked her to marry him. Not for love, because they despise each other; nor even, as he claims, for the good of their daughter, whom they both adore. No, he’s blackmailing her into this remarriage by threatening to have her declared an unfit mother. The why of it? You’d have to ask Dan.

Across town at the House of Beauty, Debbie Shatsky finally grants the fervent and long-held wishes of the local society wives and dies. She leaves behind a husband who cooks, hates sports, and looks practically perfect in every way. Bubbles gets involved when her best friend, Sandy, owner of the House of Beauty, is blamed for the death. According to early reports, Sandy intentionally caused a fatal allergic reaction. Bubbles doesn’t believe it, and puts aside her current marital strife (yes, she’s having strife without even being married) to look into the suspicious death. Did I mention that Santa is stalking Bubbles? With anyone else, that might be surprising.

This latest installment of the Bubbles series should please longtime readers. There are plenty of hijinks, some interesting developments with Dan and with Steve, and Bubbles’ patented outlook on life. The one major problem is that the solution seems very rushed and insubstantial. That aside, readers who look forward to visiting Bubbles and her friends will enjoy this frothy, dare I say, bubbly, novel.

Rating: 7
November 2006
ISBN# 0-451-41227-3 (paperback)


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