Sunday, December 17, 2006

Charmed & Dangerous - Candace Havens

Charmed & Dangerous
Candace Havens

Chick Lit/ Paranormal

Five years ago, at the ripe old age of 20, Bronwyn took an oath to serve and protect the British Prime Minister. Not the average job for a girl from Sweet, Texas. Then again, Bronwyn is not your average girl. She’s a witch, gifted with abilities ranging from spell casting to potion making to good old-fashioned fighting. She’s also pretty darned good at making things explode. In the five years she’s been at her job, she’s lost track of the number of assassination attempts she’s foiled.

Saving the life of a handsome sheik should be all in a day’s work. But there are unexpected complications. Like the Lear Jet he sends her as thanks. Like the contract someone has put out on her life. And like Dr. Sam, a handsome, intelligent, all-around great guy who just moved into town and won’t move out of Bronwyn’s mind. There’s just one problem with Dr. Sam. He’s a warlock. A good one, but after a bunch of not-good-at-all warlocks tried to kill her, Bronwyn has vowed to stay away from warlocks. Why are all the great guys taken, gay, or warlocks?

Bronwyn tells the story in first person, through a series of diary journals. She started the diary after her near-fatal run-in with the aforementioned warlocks; just to leave a record in case anything more fatal happened to her. In a hilarious nod to “Bridget Jones’ Diary,” each day’s entry begins with number of spells cast, location, or something like number of “witches with boy-stealing friends.” This is chick lit with an interesting supernatural twist. Bronwyn is a fun character with a great sense of humor. Readers looking for deep, dark, angst-ridden paranormal stories are likely to be disappointed; but readers looking for a fun new take on paranormal romance will find a much to enjoy here.

Rating: 7
September 2005
ISBN# 0-425-20691-2 (trade paperback)


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