Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Like It Like That - Cecily von Ziegesar

I Like It Like That
Gossip Girl #5
Cecily von Ziegesar
Little, Brown and Company

Young Adult (ages 15 and up)

Note: If you haven’t read the first books in the series, this review contains plot spoilers.

So it’s March in Manhattan, and everyone is waiting for Easter break and acceptance letters. Most are waiting extremely impatiently for both. Not Vanessa, of course; she’s already been accepted to NYU. Her problem over break is that her hippie-dippie junk-artist parents are coming to visit from Vermont. Dan, meanwhile, is still jazzed about getting a poem published, and about his new internship at the very snooty, very literary magazine, Red Letter. Because first jobs always go so very well.

Blair bails on her family’s surfing safari to Oahu and goes skiing with Serena in Sun Valley, instead. Also in attendance? Serena’s older brother, Erik. Blair has known him forever, but she’s just now noticing how attractive he is. Is he the one? Nate is in town, too, with the wild girl he met in rehab and the Danish Olympic snowboarding team. So many guys, so little time, so much gossip.

These books are addictive. They’re fun and fast and completely impossible to put down. No matter which characters you love, or hate, or love to hate, they’re all back for another installment. This time, most of the action takes place in Sun Valley, instead of Manhattan, but it’s still the same Gossip Girl you know and love. There are still unanswered questions, relationships on the brink, will they or won’t they drama. You know you love it.

Rating: 8
May 2004 (also available in 3-volume box set)
ISBN# 0-316-73518-3 (trade paperback)


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