Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morrigan's Cross - Nora Roberts

Morrigan’s Cross
Book One of The Circle Trilogy
Nora Roberts


In Ireland in 1128, sorcerer Hoyt MacCionaoith is gearing up for battle. A vampire took his twin brother, Cian, and Hoyt blames himself for not being there to protect him. It only takes one short encounter for Hoyt to realize that this vampire, Lilith, is a creature of immense power and magic; it will be impossible for him to fight her alone. Fortunately, it will also be unnecessary. Morrigan, goddess of battle, comes to Hoyt and tells him that the fight against Lilith and her minions is the fight against evil.

The fight will range across space and time, and can only be won after he has assembled certain individuals who make up The Circle. To do so, Hoyt travels to present-day Manhattan, where he meets Glenna, a modern-day witch, and one of those needed for the battle. Returning to the MacCionaoith ancestral home to prepare, the two are joined by two more fighters.

Since this is a Nora Roberts novel, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this book contains the beginnings of a romantic relationship. At the risk of committing heresy, I admit that I had no interest in the romance and feel that the book would have been better without it. Of course, the vast majority of Roberts’ readers would be (even more) shocked and dismayed by the absence of romance, so its inclusion is understandable. I say “even more” because I feel fairly sure that many longtime Roberts readers will be uncomfortable with this foray into the darker, bloodier side of the paranormal. I, on the other hand, really enjoyed it, and hope to see more like this from her in the future.

Rating: 8
September 2006
ISBN# 0-515-14165-8 (paperback)


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