Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ready or Not? - Chris Manby

Ready or Not?
Chris Manby

Chick Lit

So, it’s four months before your wedding. You’ve already spent a year planning, preparing, and nailing down every last detail. And then, your fiancé, a grown man, a dentist, appears at your door after a rugby weekend with friends. And he’s naked. Naked and still drunk from the previous evening. Naked and drunk and covered with treacle and feathers. And right about then, you start having second thoughts about the whole happily-ever-after deal.

Heidi Savage finds herself in just this position, four months before her wedding to Ed Gordon. She tries to shrug off her growing doubts as pre-wedding jitters. But, suddenly, Ed seems so wrong for her; especially when he’s with his rugby mates. Which is often. Taking care of a friend’s baby has given her a big fear of being a mother, as well. And, just to top off everything nicely, her first love, Steven Gabriel, is back on the scene and asking to reconcile. Heidi’s got four months to decide which man is her meant-to-be guy.

While the story is your basic triangle, anyone who has ever gone through a protracted wedding planning process, or has been in a relationship serious enough to consider marriage, will recognize a lot of what’s going on with Heidi and her life. Her hopes, her fears, and her confusion, are all very realistic. I never really had a doubt as to the outcome of the story, but the author’s style is so breezy and witty that it’s a fun ride just getting there.

Rating: 7
December 2006
ISBN# 0-425-21353-6 (trade paperback)


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