Thursday, January 11, 2007

You're The One That I Want - Cecily von Ziegesar

You’re The One That I Want
Gossip Girl #6
Cecily von Ziegesar
Little, Brown and Company

Young Adult (ages 15 and up)

Note: If you haven’t read the first books in the series, this review contains plot spoilers.

The waiting is over for all those second-semester seniors. It’s April, and the letters of acceptance (or not) from colleges are in the mail. This year, the letters are being mailed in batches by zip code, so pretty much everyone in Manhattan will be getting the news at the same time. Blair Waldorf wants to go to Yale more than anything in the world. Maybe even more than she wants Nate. Which is probably a good thing, since they’re still not speaking. Blair talks her best friend, Serena, into opening their college letters together. Serena, knowing how incredibly competitive Blair is, thinks this is a lousy idea, but caves in the face of Blair’s insistence. When the letters arrive, everyone gets some pretty big surprises. Yes, everyone.

Vanessa, who got early acceptance to NYU, is busy filming a documentary about how the process of applying to college, then waiting for letters makes seniors crazy. Self-styled tortured poet Daniel has the incredible joy of opening his letters in front of his dad and his younger sister, Jennifer. No pressure there. Speaking of Jennifer, the short yet very buxom freshman recently decided she wants to be a model. With Serena’s help, she lands a gig almost immediately, but it’s not quite what she had in mind. Everyone with acceptance letters starts making campus visits, and, true to form, Serena hits four campuses in one weekend and loves them all. And, now that we’re back to love, it might interest you to know that Blair finally finds true love in a very unexpected place.

Fans of this series know what to expect. The trials and tribulations of the cool Upper East Side kids, whose main problem seems to be which Ivy League School to attend. Well, except for a certain very cocky someone who managed to get rejected from literally everywhere. There’s plenty of fashion, parties, and angst, of course. And what would a Gossip Girl book be without hookups, makeups, and breakups? We still don’t know the identity of Gossip Girl, but there are more hints dropped, if you’re keeping track. And there are still questions to be answered in a future volume. I can’t wait.

Rating: 8
October 2004 (also available in 3-volume box set)
ISBN# 0-316-73516-7 (trade paperback)


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