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Valley of Silence - Nora Roberts

Valley of Silence
Book Three of The Circle Trilogy
Nora Roberts


NOTE: If you have not read the first two books, MORRIGAN’S CROSS and DANCE OF THE GODS, this review contains significant plot spoilers.

The final installment of this inventive trilogy begins with the circle of six preparing for war in Geall, the ancient homeland of cousins Larkin and Moira. The battle, against the evil vampire Lilith and her followers, will take place in the Valley of Silence. The outcome will affect not only Geall and this world, but all worlds. Upon their return to Geall, Moira took her rightful place as queen, and the populace backs her and the rest of the Circle in their quest to destroy the darkness personified by Lilith.

During the build-up to the final battle, Moira finds that she is drawn to Cian, and he to her. There are several problems inherent in his relationship; not the least of which is that Cian is a vampire. Lilith made him a vampire, and even though he now fights with the Circle, there are many who consider him untrustworthy at best, a demon at worst. While the two realize that a future is not possible for them, they’re also very aware that the coming battle may mean the end of all things and decide to be together while they can.

It’s almost inevitable in a trilogy that leads up to one final all-or-nothing battle for that battle to be a bit anti-climactic. Such is the case here. The battle is fought, and issues are resolved in ways that almost seem too simplistic to be truly satisfying. But, as with most things, the journey is more important than the destination, and the journey here is highly entertaining. The relationship between Moira and Cian is more complex than the relationships in the previous two books, and carries a bittersweet quality throughout the book. The author has done a good job here of walking the line between dark fantasy and romance, and this series should appeal to the majority of her existing fans while winning her some new readers.

Rating: 8 ½
November 2006
ISBN# 0-515-14167-4 (paperback)


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