Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Mold for Murder - Tim Myers

A Mold For Murder
A Soapmaking Mystery
Tim Myers
Berkley Prime Crime


Benjamin Perkins, his mother, grandfather, and six siblings make their living running the business that’s been in their family for generations. Where There’s Soap contains a production facility, a boutique, and space for classes on soapmaking techniques. When Ben decides to invite Contessa New Berne to give a demonstration at the store, he thinks it will be the highlight of the first Soap Celebration event. He’s right, for all the wrong reasons.

The contessa arrives, full of demands, and Ben does his best to meet them. After introducing her to the audience, he has to go looking for her, only to find her lifeless body on the floor in the back room. There are plenty of suspects. The personal assistant who didn’t arrive on time that morning; two different jilted fiancés; a disgruntled author who claims that the contessa plagiarized her last book; and, worst of all, Ben’s girlfriend, Diana, owner of the local bookshop. Because, as it turns out, the contessa has been in town before, and the results were deadly.

Ben’s family members enjoy some time in the spotlight, as each of their lives continue to develop. There are plenty of suspects, all with good motives and opportunity. Naturally, Ben wants to prove that his girlfriend is innocent of the crime. But even an amateur investigation can put strain on a relationship. The pace is quick and the eventual outcome has a ring of truth about it. This cozy series is always enjoyable, light, and reliably entertaining.

Rating: 7 ½
April 2007
ISBN# 978-0-425-21487-9 (paperback)


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