Monday, July 16, 2007

How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls - Zoey Dean

How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls
Zoey Dean
Warner Books

Chick Lit

In her first book for adults, veteran YA author Zoey Dean tackles the horrifying problem of trying to tutor a “celebutard.” And not just any rich girl; a pair of excessively entitled twins, granddaughters to the founder of a cosmetics company and heirs to an $84 million trust. Rose and Sage Baker, dubbed The Fabulous Baker Twins by magazines, are mere months away from their eighteenth birthdays and a huge amount of money when their self-made grandmother turns their world upside-down.

Instead of being handed their trusts at 18, both twins must be accepted at Duke University to receive the money. Their parents and grandfather attended Duke, making the twins legacies, but because of recent documented activities, the president of Duke informs their grandmother and guardian that the pair will have to earn their way into school, just like everyone else. This looks like an impossible task, since the twins spend most of their time shopping and partying.

Enter Megan Smith, recent Yale graduate and aspiring journalist. The cold, hard truth is that, in NYC, there are lots and lots of journalism grads and only a few jobs. So it is that Megan finds herself working for a tabloid, captioning photos showing Jessica’s possible new implants. As her boss informs Megan, while firing her, lofty aspirations make for a poor fit at the tabloid. At the same time, her boss offers a new source of employment: tutoring the twins in their Palm Beach mansion. It beats pounding the pavement for a new job, the pay is great, and it may provide the inside scoop for an incredible exposé, jump-starting Megan’s career as a journalist. How can she lose? You might be surprised.

As expected, the first meeting is rocky with Megan ineffectually trying to convince the girls to work, and the girls exhibiting zero interest. Things get much more interesting, though, when the twins mistake Megan for a Main Line socialite of the same name and accord her some respect. The ethics of the situation get sticky very quickly and add some depth. There’s a cute guy in Palm Beach and a cute guy at home. Decisions, decisions. Of course, the household staff includes a friendly gay whose boyfriend is a stylist and can lend all kinds of fabulous clothes. While this is written for adults, teenage fans of the A-List books will enjoy it, too. Suspend your disbelief, go along for the ride, and you’ve got a perfect beach book.

Rating: 7
July 2007
ISBN# 978-0-446-69718-7 (trade paperback)


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