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Wuthering High - Cara Lockwood

Wuthering High
A Bard Academy Novel
Cara Lockwood
MTV Books/Pocket

Young Adult/ Fantasy

Miranda Tate is not a bad kid. Not really. So, ok, she crashed her dad’s brand-new car while driving with only a learner’s permit. But she was on her way to save her younger sister from a bully. Naturally, Mom and Dad (who’s on wife #3 already) weren’t available. And, sure, maybe Miranda charged up New Wife #3’s credit card a bit. And yes, she overslept the PSAT because she got drunk the night before the test. But is that any reason to send her across the country to an isolated boarding school for juvenile delinquents?

Apparently, her parents think so. Miranda will now be attending the Bard Academy, located off the coast of Maine, on its own private island. Called Shipwreck Island, by the way. No cell phones or electronics are allowed; everyone wears uniforms, and every moment of every day is scheduled. Oh, and her roommate introduces herself as “Blade,” and decorates her side of the room with posters of Satan. The teachers are interesting, though. Ms. W, the housemother, is British, tends to leave wet footprints, and she never sleeps. Coach H also teaches history and says he drove an ambulance during “the war.”

After making friends with fellow students Hana and Samir, Miranda hears all the local legends. Like how the school was built on a burial ground. And that, fifteen years ago, a girl tried to escape through the woods and was never seen again. It’s good for laughs in the cafeteria. But when odd things start to happen in her dorm room, Miranda starts to wonder if the place really is haunted. And what’s the deal with the guy who calls himself Heathcliff?

If you’ve read much classic literature, you’ll have a good time spotting all the clues about the Bard Academy and its teaching staff. If you haven’t, everything is explained in the end. There are some neat twists and fun characters. It’s very creepy, and will keep you up late, trying to get to the heart of the mystery. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

July 2006
ISBN# 9-1-4165-2475-5 (paperback)


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