Friday, September 28, 2007

Die For Me - Karen Rose

Die For Me
Karen Rose
Grand Central

Mystery/Romantic Suspense

Detective Vito Ciccotelli arrives in a frozen field in Philadelphia to investigate an uncovered grave. An older man, the new owner of the property, was out playing with his metal detector, but called the police when he uncovered an arm. The body of a young woman lies in the grave; her hands and arms held in an attitude of prayer by wires and metal rods. The ground is frozen solid, but the edges and corners of the grave are precise. It’s obvious that the killer dug the grave months in advance.

Realizing that there may be more to this scene than a single body, the police contact Sophie Johannsen, an archaeologist currently working as head curator at the Albright Museum. Sophie has access to ground-penetrating radar equipment, and, since she’s known the ME since she was a child, she can be trusted. It doesn’t take Sophie long to discover sixteen graves in the field. Nine of the graves contain bodies; seven remain empty. Obviously, the killer is still at work.

While a relationship between Sophie and Vito develops during the story, this novel keeps the hunt for the serial killer on the front burner. There are scenes from the killer’s point of view that contain some very graphic images. This may turn off some readers who are more interested in the ‘romance’ aspect, but it should bring the author a much wider, and well-deserved, audience. Lock the doors and turn on the lights before you start reading this one. And make sure you’ve got some time available; this one hits the ground running on the first page and never stops. An excellent look at a hunt for a terrifying serial killer.

Rating: 9
September 2007
ISBN# 0-446-61691-5 (paperback)


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