Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Forget About It - Caprice Crane

Forget About It
Caprice Crane
5 Spot

Chick Lit

Have you ever wished you could just chuck everything in your life that isn’t working and start over again? At age 25, Jordan Landau manages to do just that. One day, she’s got a lousy boyfriend, an unfulfilling job, and a strained relationship with her family. The next day, it’s all gone. Or so she says.

Riding her bike home from yet another crap day at her crap job, Jordan is hit by a car. Well, a car door, but it’s enough to knock her out and send her to the hospital. When she wakes up, she realizes that this is her chance to essentially start over, by claiming amnesia. It’s like an automatic do-over for the past couple of years. And, amazingly enough, people buy it. Now she’s in line for a better job at the ad agency, and, somehow, her mom isn’t quite so worried about her weight when there’s a head injury to consider. Maybe best of all, there’s a better boyfriend on the horizon. It’s all going so very well until the whole ‘starting over’ thing becomes very real, forcing Jordan to get real, too.

This second novel, by the author of STUPID AND CONTAGIOUS, is a funny and bubbly read. It seems more than a little mean for Jordan to make everyone believe she’s got amnesia. But the plot point that forces her to truly start over, and her actions afterwards, make her a believable and likeable character. If you had it to do over again, what would you change? How would you make your life into the life you want? Why don’t you? These are questions the author addresses, but in a light and entertaining way.

Rating: 7
August 2007ISBN# 978-0-446-69755-2 (trade paperback)


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