Friday, May 30, 2008

Because Your Vampire Said So

Because Your Vampire Said So
Michele Bardsley
Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance

Broken Heart, Oklahoma is a different kind of town. It’s full of vampires, lycanthropes, and various other supernatural creatures. A group called the Consortium runs the place and secures the perimeter; and they’ve even relocated all the unsuspecting mortal inhabitants. One resident is a single mom, beautician, lover of country music, and new vampire (Turn-blood,) Patsy Donahue.

While closing up her shop one night – sure, business has dropped off, but she’s thinking of offering animal grooming for all those wolf types – Patsy gets a visit from Gabriel, who says he’s her new guardian. She’s miffed, for about two minutes, when an eight-foot demon attacks. Then she’s pretty glad to have him around. Relief turns to confusion when Gabriel disappears. And when she finds out he’s not the guardian, anyway.

Fact is, things are getting pretty hot in Broken Heart. The Ancients, the original vampires, are on the verge of an all-out war for control. And then there’s this prophecy about how some Turn-blood is supposed to unite the vampires and the lycans. Like anyone on either side is going to let that happen. On top of all this, Patsy is trying to deal with her teenaged son, who is seriously, dangerously, into drugs and alcohol.

Let me state at the outset that I haven’t read the first two books in this series. Obviously, that’s my loss. There’s enough background here for us newbies (don’t miss the glossary at the end for more info) but I did feel like I was missing large swaths of story. The narrative moves at lightning speed. This is great in that in keep the pages turning, but sometimes it feels like bits of the story got lost. Again, this may be stuff I missed by not reading the first two books. There’s plenty of humor and action here, making this the perfect read for a lazy summer evening or an afternoon by the pool.

Rating: 6 ½
May 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-22386-9 (paperback)


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