Saturday, August 09, 2008

Out Of Time - Samantha Graves

Out Of Time
Samantha Graves
Forever/Grand Central


Jillian Talbot is a museum curator with a secret. Sometimes, she can look at an object and see its past. Usually, she sees few moment of the artist creating the item, or perhaps something to do with a previous owner. This talent proves frustrating more often than not, since, without proof, she can’t tell anyone in the art world about her special knowledge. She could, but she’d never be taken seriously again.

On her way out of her beloved museum one evening, she’s kidnapped. Twice. In under five minutes. Fortunately for her, she ends up with Simon Bonner, a tomb raider who desperately wants out of the business. Up until about an hour before kidnapping Jillian, he thought he’d manage to retire. Then a colleague of sorts with a gunshot wound showed up with Jillian’s contact information and a rock crystal lens. The deal is simple: get the one person who can use the lens (Jillian) to find the Archives Of Man, or Simon’s ex-wife dies. They’ve got ten days.

The author makes far too much of Jillian’s naïve, trusting nature. Jillian is the good-girl sister of Raven from SIGHT UNSEEN. Repeated mentions try patience and only serve to bring to mind unflattering comparisons with the kick-ass Raven, who was a much more interesting character. The plot is much more linear this time around, with no real surprises. The pacing is nice and even, and the action sequences are quite effective. If you like your romantic suspense with a bit of the paranormal, and don’t mind language and violence, this is a fun novel for an afternoon by the pool.

Rating: 6 ½
August 2008
ISBN# 0-446-61837-3 (paperback)


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