Friday, August 01, 2008

Underground - Kat Richardson

A Greywalker Novel
Kat Richardson

Urban Fantasy

Harper Blaine is a bit different than the average PI in Seattle. During what should have been an easy job, she was shot and killed. She was clinically dead for nearly two minutes. Now, she can see the Grey, the space that collects time, ghosts, and other creatures.

Quinton, Harper’s electronics go-to guy, is still something of a mystery. When he appears one day and orders her to follow him, she knows it’s bad. He leads Harper to a train tunnel, where the body of a homeless man lies near the tracks. This might not be so odd, except for a few details: there’s a hole in the concrete side of the tunnel that’s covered in Grey energy; and it looks like something chewed off the man’s leg. It’s pretty clear that this is not an ordinary accident.

Harper quickly learns that this man is not the first of Seattle’s homeless community to turn up dead. There have been at least five during the past several weeks. At first, she attributes the lack of blood at the scenes to the local vampire community. Even before talking to them, however, she suspects that something very different is happening.

Fans of this series (GREYWALKER, POLTERGEIST) are in for a treat, while newcomers will have no problems jumping in at this point. This time around, the novel concentrates on the paranormal aspects of Harper’s life and career, providing a much more focused and cohesive feel. The author excels at evoking the atmosphere of the ‘buried’ Seattle, which is almost a character in its own right. Combine all this with winning characters and a fast pace, and this third installment should cement the author’s reputation as a great urban fantasist.

Rating: 7 ½
August 2008
ISBN# 978-0-45146212-1 (hardcover)


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