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Dirty Deeds - Suzanne Price

Dirty Deeds
A Grime Solvers Mystery
Suzanne Price


Every holiday season in Pigeon Cove, the Art Association hosts a party. This year, the host is Chloe Edwards, and she’s decided that each display must be a living diorama. She figures, if you can’t stop the local businesses from advertising, you might as well make them be creative about it. One of the displays is for a new condo development. Inside the diorama is real estate developer Kyle Fipps, who pretends to mow grass and do yard work before ‘falling asleep’ in a hammock. Chloe and Sky notice that Kyle’s sleeping act is a little too good; he’s actually asleep.

Sky Taylor, professional cleaner and Chloe’s best friend, is on hand for the party and, especially for the after-party cleanup. As they try to wake up Kyle, they realize that he’s not asleep; he’s dead. It’s a terrible way to end a party. And Sky can’t help but feel some sympathy for Kyle’s soon-to-be-ex, even if the two are going through an acrimonious divorce. Turns out, Kyle had enemies everywhere. Sky’s current bid for cleaning services at the local government offices takes her to the seat of local power. Where, as she discovers, things can get pretty dirty.

Sky is a realistic and interesting character. She quit her job as an ad copywriter and now finds immense satisfaction in her cleaning business. I understand the appeal of doing a job and seeing immediate, quantifiable results. I just wish I were half as organized and motivated as Sky. This is the second installment in this charming series (SCENE OF THE GRIME) and reads quite well as a standalone novel. New readers will enjoy getting to know Sky; others will be happy to have another visit with Sky. The plot moves at a very nice clip, and the author manages to work in several cleaning tips along the way.

Rating: 7
July 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-22457-6 (paperback)


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