Monday, May 03, 2010

Lead-Pipe Cinch - Christy Evans

Lead-Pipe Cinch
A Georgiana Neverall Mystery
Christy Evans
Berkley Prime Crime


Apprentice plumber Georgiana Neverall (last seen in SINK TRAP) is part of a construction team working on building a dream house for Chad McComb, a retired MS engineer. In point of fact, Georgiana, as low man on the totem pole, is working on digging a moat around the ‘castle.’ Once upon a time, she owned her own computer security firm in San Francisco, but was ousted by unscrupulous business partners. One of those partners was Blake Weston, who was much more than a business partner in those days.

On the heels of that thought, who should appear at the under-construction castle but the not-so-charming prince himself? Blake is working as security consultant on the project. In Georgiana’s opinion, Chad seems much too nice to be associated with Blake, but knows that Blake can turn on the charm when required. Despite her best efforts not to be seen, Blake spots her and is clearly quite amused at her change in circumstances. Georgiana wants nothing to do with him, but that’s not to be. In the morning, there’s a body lying facedown in the few inches of water at the bottom of the moat. It’s Blake, all charm eliminated.

Georgiana comes under suspicion, due to her past with Blake, and it makes perfect sense that she’d get involved in trying to find the real killer. This second installment has a bit more convoluted plot to it, making it much more interesting. There’s more background information about Georgiana’s time in San Francisco, and some developments on the home front, as well. Far from falling victim to the dreaded ‘sophomore slump,’ this novel is far superior to its predecessor, making this series seem like a solid bet for mystery fans.

Rating: 7
April 2010
ISBN# 978-0-425-23388-7 (paperback)


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