Sunday, May 19, 2013

Every Trick In The Book - Lucy Arlington

Every Trick In The Book
A Novel Idea Mystery
Lucy Arlington
Berkley Prime Crime
In just a few short months, Lila Wilkins went from laid-off reporter to literary agency temp to literary agent.  She’s bought a house and settled into bucolic Inspiration Valley.  Everything seems to be going perfectly.  As the story begins, the agency, A Novel Idea, is gearing up to host their first annual book conference.  One of the attendees, an editor from New York, bears a striking resemblance to Lila.  The two bond over it and become friendly.  That bond is severed forever when the editor is found dead at the conference site.  Lila immediately suspects a creepy-looking guy she’s seen wandering around the event, but has no name to put to the face.

This is the second installment (following BURIED IN A BOOK) in what is shaping up to be an entertaining series.  The inner workings of a literary agency will be fascinating to even the most casual reader.  The various agents’ personalities so clearly match their genres that it’s easy to keep them all straight.  It’s obvious that Lila feels a kinship to the dead woman; looks aside, the woman leaves behind a husband and small son.  Lila knows how difficult it is, financially and emotionally, to be a single parent.

There’s an interesting subplot afoot, concerning Lila’s son Trey and the co-op where he lives and works.  Lila is of two minds about the co-op.  It’s clearly been good for Trey, but she was hoping he’d start college this fall instead of working as a glorified goatherd.  By the end of the book, all of that is resolved in a fairly unique way.  The major mystery is involving and interesting.  It’s complicated enough to be interesting while still maintaining an air of sadness for everyone involved.  Even in a cozy, murder shouldn’t be taken lightly.  There’s a ‘teaser’ chapter at the end, promising another outing with Lila and her friends.  I’m looking forward to it.
Rating: 7
February 2013
ISBN# 978-0-425-25167-6 (paperback)


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