Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Trouble Vision - Allison Kingsley

Trouble Vision
A Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mystery
Allison Kingsley
Berkley Prime Crime
Change is coming to tiny Finn’s Harbor, Maine, and change is never easy.  Developers have started work on a new resort hotel and golf course on the outer edge of the tourist town.  The local population is still pretty divided about it, opinion-wise.  Some worry about an increase in traffic and crime; others are thrilled about the attendant increase in business.  No matter what their opinion, everyone is shocked when the foreman is found dead at the construction site.  The police fairly quickly determine that he fell off a slippery scaffolding and rule it an accident.
Clara Quinn knows different.  She inherited what her family calls the Quinn Sense, and has seen the truth about what happened that night.  If only the Sense came complete with clear faces and names.  Together with her cousin, Stephanie, she sets out to prove that the death was any but an accident.
This is the third installment in a solid series (MIND OVER MURDER, A SINISTER SENSE) based around cousins and their bookstore, The Raven’s Nest.  Most people in town pass through the store at some point, so gossip and answers aren’t too difficult to come by.  The mystery this time is disappointingly thin.  The two women take chances and ask questions, but come up empty more often than not.  At one point there’s a ‘deus ex witness’ moment when some strange woman claims she doesn’t want to talk to the police, but she’ll confide a detail to Clara that could crack the case.  As is the norm in this series, the finale is a bit rushed and too pat for my personal taste.  Readers who enjoy a nice dose of the paranormal in their cozy mysteries will be happy to visit Finn’s Harbor again.
Rating: 6
June 2013
ISBN# 978-0-425-25198-0 (paperback)


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