Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed To Earth - Judd Winnick

The Boy Who Crashed To Earth
Judd Winick
Random House Children’s
SciFi/Graphic Novel


D.J. is just a regular kid, living in a regular town.  Nothing interesting ever happens to him.  His brothers and sisters (he’s right in the middle) all participate in sports and music and dancing and all kinds of things.  D.J. doesn’t.  He’s not good at anything except being friends with Gina.
One day, all of that changes when a boy crashes to Earth.  He knows his name is Hilo.  And that’s about it.  He can’t remember where he came from or why he crashed to Earth.  D.J. befriends him, feeds him, and promises to help him.  Hilo is kind of weird, but kind of really interesting, too.  After Hilo arrives, life gets really weird, but also really interesting.  After all, Hilo fell to Earth from somewhere else for a reason.  How could that not be interesting?
I admit that I am very far from the target audience of this graphic novel; still, I really enjoyed it.  I liked the friendship, the action, and of course, Hilo and his silver underpants.  (Edit to add: I passed this along to a boy in the correct demographic: both he and his mom liked it.)  Parents looking at this should know that there’s nothing objectionable here, no bad language, and any ‘violence’ is of the cartoon variety.  Bottom line is, your middle grade readers are going to love Hilo and D.J. and Gina This is the first in a series.  Clearly, there’s more to come.  Outstanding!


Fall 2015
ISBN# 978-0-385-38617-9-3  (hardcover)


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