Friday, May 26, 2017

Magic Burns - Ilona Andrews

Magic Burns
A Kate Daniels Novel
Ilona Andrews
Ace Books

Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Not long after the events detailed in MAGIC BITES, the first book in this ongoing series, Kate Daniels is working steadily as the liaison between the Guild and the Order.  Not a bad gig for a magical mercenary.  But there are still moment of adrenaline rush, like hunting a magical arsonist in a parking garage that’s pitch black because of a power outage.  Kate and her partner, Jim, almost have the guy cornered when a crossbow bolt comes flying in from nowhere, killing him.  Kate can’t find the shooter, which puts her in a fairly bad mood.  Later that day, she hears that Robin Hood showed up again, shot Jim several times within seconds, then disappeared.
Jim will survive physically, but his pride may have taken a fatal blow.   The merry man not only got away clean; he got away with the Pack’s very detailed maps of the area.  It’s hard to evade a member of the shapeshifter Pack.  They can follow a scent trail.  But, when the quarry disappears – literally, vanishes into thin air – it makes it tough to follow him.  Curran, the local leader of the Pack, asks Kate to retrieve the maps.  From a crazy archer who can pop in and out of reality like he’s got a transporter.  No problem. 

While the first book in the series introduced this world and laid the groundwork, this one expands on it in a very entertaining way.  In this reality, magic phases in and out of the world.  When the magic is high, technical things don’t work well.  When the magic is low, tech comes back to life.  There are always swings, but now they’re coming closer and closer together.  Clearly, something huge is in the near future.

If you have any kind of background in Celtic mythology, you’ll have a deeper appreciation of this storyline.  If not, don’t worry; the author lays it all out without getting bogged down in background.  The issues and enemies here are things you don’t see too often in urban fantasy.   I was completely caught up in it, and flew through this story. Through all the danger and black humor, the characters continue to develop organically.  And, even with all the chaos, I admit that I was moved by the outcome of things.  I’m looking forward to more of this series, but trying to pace myself.  It’s not easy!    

Rating: 8.5
April 2008

ISBN# 978-0-441-01583-2  (paperback)


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