Sunday, November 25, 2007

Into Thin Air - Cindy Miles

Into Thin Air
Cindy Miles
Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance

Gawan of Conwyk has been at work for a long, long time. Over 900 years, in fact. He’s an earth-bound angel, and is less than a month away from retirement, which will give him what he desperately wants: mortality. On his way back home (to his castle, of course) in the north of England, he spots a woman standing in the road. Since it’s pouring rain, she’s completely drenched. There’s no car or other vehicle anywhere on the single-track road that could be hers. She doesn’t remember what happened, or even her name. Gawan takes her to his castle, where she disappears. Literally disappears.

Gawan’s castle is inhabited by a few spirits, and they are of the opinion that Ellie (she chose the name from a tapestry) is somehow hovering in between life and death. That’s why she can appear as a corporeal being in the castle, yet disappear as if she was never there. Obviously, Gawan is meant to find Ellie’s physical body before she dies, and discover what happened to her. In addition, it becomes clear quite early that Ellie is Gawan’s intended soul mate. This is unfortunate, since, once he sets things right for her, she will retain no memory of him. And all of this must be done before his retirement date, or he will remain immortal.

INTO THIN AIR is a lovely ghost story. Almost old-fashioned in tone, it’s sweet without becoming saccharine. The connection between Ellie and Gawan is obvious and realistic, but Ellie’s faulty memory and predicament present clear obstacles. Gawan’s staff and resident spirits play integral parts in the story, and are worthy characters. Readers looking for a fun paranormal romp will adore this story. I was sorry to see it end.

Rating: 8
November 2007
ISBN# 978-0-451-22262-6 (paperback)


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