Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Bleeding Dusk - Colleen Gleason

The Bleeding Dusk
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles – Book 3
Colleen Gleason
Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance/Historical/Regency

Note: For readers who haven’t read the first two books (THE REST FALLS AWAY and RISES THE NIGHT) this review contains plot spoilers. Also, you’ve missed a couple of very good books.

In this latest installment of her series following the life of vampire slayer Victoria Gardella, the author continues to deepen the characters. Even Victoria, who in a Regency romance, would be our sympathetic and always-relatable heroine, is a study in ambiguity. Not surprising, since she’s suffered some serious losses very close to home since she began her vampire-fighting career. Now that she’s taken over as the leader of the Venators (vampire slayers) she has even more responsibilities weighing on her.

The vampires, in their never-ending quest to take over the world, are now searching for the Alchemist’s Door, an artifact that will give them a terrifying power. Victoria is forced into a position where she must place her trust in master slayer Max (who may be playing both sides of the field) and Sebastian, the descendant of a vampire who may or may not deserve her trust.

Like the second book in the series, this installment relies much more on action and plot and less on Regency-era romance elements. Honestly, the series works better this way. There’s so much going on with Victoria and her various supporting players that spending too much time on the romance aspect would, necessarily, detract from the rest. And, much like the second book, this one is long on action and darkness. Instead of taking the tried-and-true (and very predictable) path, the author manages to twist the characters and plotlines around in surprising ways. This is an excellent series, sure to be loved by paranormal readers everywhere.

Rating: 8
February 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-22326-5 (paperback)


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