Friday, April 25, 2008

Girls In Trucks - Katie Crouch

Girls In Trucks
Katie Crouch
Little, Brown and Company


Sarah Walters was born into the Camellia Society in Charleston, South Carolina. If you’re from Charleston, that means something. If you’re a girl, it means you have a place at the front of the line at cotillion, you have a built-in guest list for your debut into society, and that one day, you will be a Camellia Mama. None of this is terribly important to Sarah. She participates because it’s what you do.

She spends most of her time as a girl in the shadow of her older sister, Eloise, or one of her friends. One friend is prettier, one friend is more wild, and one is much more generous with her favors. You might say that Eloise is all of the above. Sarah is more interested in the geeky guy she works with on the school newspaper. Visiting Eloise at Yale gives Sarah her first real taste of life in another place. It’s almost inevitable that Sarah, too, will go East to college, eventually settling in New York to begin her career.

Following Sarah through her childhood and into her adult life is like watching your best friend. You know she’s making mistakes, and sometimes you just want to shake her and ask her what she’s thinking. But, just when it gets too painful and you think you can’t take any more, she says or does something smart or funny or both, and you remember all over again why you’re such good friends.

Sarah’s life is neither charmed nor cursed; neither slapstick nor tragedy. It’s a life lived by feeling her way along, just like everyone else. Every reader will be able to identify with episodes from the lives of Sarah, her sister, and her friends. There are moments both funny and heartbreaking, and you’ll be happy you got to make the journey with her.

Rating: 8
April 2008
ISBN# 978-0-316-00211-0 (hardcover)


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