Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Through The Veil - Shiloh Walker

Through The Veil
Shiloh Walker
Berkley Sensation

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

By day, Lee Ross is a graphic artist. By night, she’s something she doesn’t quite understand. She often dreams of almost familiar, yet alien landscapes, demons, and savage fighting. When she awakes, she’s often sporting bruises and other injuries. Oddly, these injuries heal very quickly; often within a day. She’s even been to a sleep clinic, but the results were so unnerving – a blip on the monitors, but nothing else – that she hasn’t gone back. In all of her dreams, there’s a man, Kalen. She feels that she knows him somehow.

She’s been able to function, denying the reality of her dreams, until the day she actually sees the man, standing in her apartment. A vision? A sure sign she’s crazy? Kalen’s ability to see through the Veil has served him well in the fight against the demons. He’s able to see Lee in her ‘other’ world, but, even though she visits his world and wields great magic against the demons there, he’s not able to convince her to see the truth and stay with them. With him. Somehow, he knows that Lee is the key to being able to destroy the demons and send them back through the gate between the worlds; to save his world and everyone left in it.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but it certainly won’t be the last. The world building is superb. The world devastated by demon attacks, the resulting carnage, the people who inhabit it, all are complex and believable. We even get a look at the other side, populated not by cardboard baddies, but beings with realistic motives. I realize this is a paranormal romance, but I found it jarring that Kalen could stand in the midst of a blood-soaked battlefield, surrounded by dead friends, and still find Lee’s smile “sexy.” Moments like that tended to interrupt the flow of the story and pull me out of it. Fortunately, for me and every fan of paranormal romances, these moments are overwhelmingly outnumbered by scenes of action, torment, battle, and conflict. Fans of paranormals and urban fantasy will love this one.

Rating: 8
June 2008
ISBN# 978-0-425-22247-8 (paperback)


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