Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf
An Alpha and Omega Novel
Patricia Briggs


It’s important to point out, first of all, that this is a spin-off of the popular (and deservedly so) Mercy Thompson series (MOON CALLED, BLOOD BOUND, IRON KISSED.) The two main characters, werewolves Charles and Anna, were introduced last year in a short-story anthology. That story apparently detailed their meeting, Anna’s past, and the fact that their wolves instantly chose each other as mates. It’s usually the human component that chooses a mate, hoping the wolf agrees. This time, the wolves chose, leaving the humans to hash out their relationship.

The book picks up with Charles and Anna arriving in Aspen Creek, a wolf pack run by Charles’ father, Bran, who is the Marrock – leader – of all the wolves in North America. Anna is immediately subjected to close scrutiny as the prospective mate of the Marrock’s son and enforcer. And Anna is, indeed, special. She’s what’s known as an Omega: an almost mythic creature among werewolves. She has the inborn ability to bring peace through her mere presence.

Almost as soon as the two arrive, the pack gets word of a series of attacks in the nearby wilderness. Details provided by a surviving victim convince Bran and Charles that there’s a rogue wolf out there, attacking anyone who crosses his path. This is bad in general, but even more so since Bran has decided to ‘out’ the werewolves to the general public in a gradual fashion. It’s getting harder and harder to hide, and since other magical creatures have revealed themselves, he feels it’s time for the wolves to do the same. Bran’s decision is to send Charles and Anna out to track down and deal with the rogue.

Their trip alone together provides plenty of time for them to work through their issues, personally and as a couple. The trouble is that these issues have a tendency (as issues do in real life) to be a bit repetitive and slow down the pacing. If you missed the initial story – I did – you’ll be very aware of it, but the author takes care to fill in the blanks. There’s plenty to like here. Asil, the ancient Moorish werewolf is a fascinating character, and figures prominently in the plot. As usual, the author makes interesting use of magic and supernatural creatures, putting a fresh twist on a familiar genre.

Rating: 7 ½
August 2008
ISBN# 978-0-441-01615-0 (paperback)


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