Sunday, October 05, 2008

Death In Daytime - Eileen Davidson

Death In Daytime
A Soap Opera Mystery
Eileen Davidson


Alexis Peterson has been playing the part of Tiffany Benedict on The Yearning Tide for many years. The soap itself has been on the air – and in the top three – since the 60s. Everything was going well behind the cameras until Marcy Blanchard appeared. Or, reappeared. Marcy had been a production assistant on the show twenty-five years ago, and is now head writer. She’s been holding a grudge against Alexis for more than two decades.

As the head writer, Marcy has a lot of power over nearly everyone. She can green-light storylines or stop them cold. She is exactly the kind of person who enjoys taking advantage of this power, threatening on-screen death and unemployment to anyone who opposes her. Alexis and Marcy had a screaming fight just a week ago over script revisions that never arrive and the call times that mysteriously change. When Alexis finds Marcy dead, bashed with her Emmy, Alexis becomes the prime suspect and decides to do a little sleuthing of her own.

Ms. Davidson is an actress, and clearly knows the inner workings of daytime dramas. She’s great at giving the reader an inside look at the real-life soap behind the soap. There are plenty of people, both on-screen and off-screen, who had reason to want Marcy dead, and Alexis is in a position to know most of them. Her amateur investigation is more than a bit bumbling, but in her favor, she admits that openly. More difficult to believe is the detective who allows Alexis so much access to the case, including suspect interviews. Suspend your disbelief a bit, though, and you’ll find this to be a fast, frothy read. The author’s breezy writing style really makes the whole caper fun, without going over the top.

Rating: 7
October 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-22564-1


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