Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home - Michelle Bardsley

Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home
Michele Bardsley
Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance

When you’ve spent your entire life moving from town to town so that your parents can continue their paranormal investigations, you understand early that life can be unpredictable. Nothing, though, could prepare Libby Monroe for the little town of Broken Heart, OK. It was supposed to be just a stopover from one investigation to the next. Rumors abound about the town, but no one was taking them terribly seriously.

She’s hidden (she thinks) in a cemetery, watching some poor man put flowers at this wife’s gravesite when she meets, in quick succession, two snarling wolves, a shambling zombie, and a really pissed-off vampire. The guy at the gravesite, Ralph sort of saves her from most of the threats. The two are running away when the manic vampire and the zombie – who, apparently, was also trying to save Libby from the angry vampire – get dive-bombed by a couple of dragons. All in a night’s work for a paranormal investigator, right? Not so much.

The dragons are clearly having some issues among themselves. One is trying to kill the other. When the red dragon hits the ground, Libby sees a charred and scale-covered woman. The woman is dying and asks Libby to kiss her. Before Libby can effectively protest that she’s not that kind of girl, the woman gives her, a kiss that erupts into flames. When Ralph touches Libby, he’s engulfed, too. The two emerge unscathed and very unclear about what just happened. What just happened is going to change Libby’s life forever. And wait until per parents get a load of this place.

In this follow-up to BECAUSE YOUR VAMPIRE SAID SO, there are a lot of plotlines at work. Probably the weakest of these threads is the relationship between Libby and Ralph. They love each other because we’re told they do. I never really got a sense that they even knew each other well, and the whole thing seemed to be confined to their basic level of physical attraction. In fact, they’ve only known each other for a couple of days by the end of the novel.

The more interesting plotlines involve continuing strife between the paranormal folk who populate the town, and some of the Ancients, who began the lines. Dragons continue to attack, and Libby and those responsible for her (the queen, Patsy, and her inner circle, who keep Libby from leaving town) are in a race to discover exactly what kind of creature Libby has become. I think the novel would have been served better by concentrating on these storylines, but that might have detracted from the frothy tone. It still maintains the super-fast pace of the previous book, and it’s more than interesting enough to remain glued to the pages.

Rating: 6
November 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-22550-4 (paperback)


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