Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Into You - Sandra Hill

So Into You
Sandra Hill
Grand Central/Forever

Contemporary Romance

Angel Sabato and Grace O’Brien are both in their thirties and have both had very checkered careers. Grace has been a nun, a professional poker player (which is how she met Angel) and is now studying to be a Cajun healer. She’s an apprentice to the ninety-something legend Tante Lulu, a woman known for her healing arts and her meddling ways. Living in a small house next to Tante Lulu means completely sacrificing her privacy, but Grace feels that she’s finally doing what she was meant to do.

Angel has been a poker player, and now works for Jinx, Inc, as a treasure hunter all over the world. He’s been friends with Grace for years, and finally realizes that he’s in love with her. He picks possibly the worst time and place possible to tell her, and he does it badly. Shot down, he takes off for another job with Jinx in Germany and ends up marrying on the rebound. His marriage lasts about a month, but Grace doesn’t know that.

Grace has problems of her own. To start with, she has issues in her past that keep her from committing to any relationship. And now, with Tante Lulu, she’s found herself keeping track of four kids orphaned four years ago during Katrina. The oldest is now 19, and trying to keep the others fed and sheltered by waitressing. They all live in fear of CPS. Tante Lulu decides that the first thing these kids need is to move out of their falling-down trailer. They’ll need a new house. And that’s where Angel (and the rest of the clan) comes in. He’ll draw the plans and supervise construction. Grace will be there, of course. And Tante Lulu is positive that Saint Jude and that thunderbolt of love will take care of the rest. It usually does.

When Angel comes back, he spends quite a lot of time pretending that Grace didn’t shred his heart and that he hasn’t spent the past year thinking about her. Grace tries to pretend that doesn’t sting. It’s kind of childish behavior, but with these two, who have been buddies for years, it somehow makes perfect sense. While there’s not a lot of doubt that they’ll eventually work it out, there’s plenty of story and some interesting subplots to keep everyone occupied.

One of my pet peeves is the ‘big secret that must not be told’ too often turns out to be something that a two-minute conversation could clear up with ease. This time, Grace’s issue is a legitimate stumbling block to her possible happiness, and it’s reasonable for her to believe that others might not understand. Characters from previous books (WILD JINX) make appearances, but no previous experience is necessary to enjoy this frothy romance.

Rating: 7
August 2009
ISBN# 978-0-446-53577-9 (paperback)


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