Friday, November 13, 2009

Dawnkeepers - Jessica Andersen

A Novel Of The Final Prophecy
Jessica Andersen
Signet Eclipse

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

Picking up just after the events detailed in NIGHTKEEPERS, this sequel continues the story of a small group of people, composed of the descendants of the Mayan Nightkeepers, who are responsible for stopping the demons from coming to earth during the great conjunction scheduled for December 2012. There’s plenty to do before that date; at each equinox, the barrier between the worlds thins, making it possible for various demons to make their way to our world and cause destruction.

For those new to the series, the necessary background in sketched in where necessary. This is a new day, and a new fight. This time, the story centers on Nate Blackhawk, a man who was not raised in the traditions of his people and has very little use for them. Until the other Nightkeepers found him, he’d been in and out of foster homes and jail before starting his own computer game company. There are so few Nightkeepers left that they need everyone, but Nate believes in choosing his own destiny; not that mapped out for him by ancient gods.

The other half of the pair this time is Alexis Gray, a businesswoman who was raised on tales of the gods and the prophecies. She accepts her place in the group, and is frustrated that Nate cannot. In fact, the reader will sympathize with her. Nate spends so much time mouthing off about how he makes his own destiny, and comparing Alexis to the hot Viking woman in his computer games, it gets repetitive and more than a bit insulting to Alexis. Alexis has more faith in fate than she probably should, though, and continues along her path.

The first novel was, necessarily, full of information about Mayan legends and gods and demons. This time, there’s a lot of time spent going on various ‘missions’ that never seem to pan out and feel a lot like filler. There’s an interesting subplot here, concerning Rabbit, the half-blood Nightkeeper and sullen teen, but his story is clearly to be continued in future volumes. This one suffers a bit from the sophomore slump, but anyone who enjoys paranormals or, specifically, Mayan mythology will be entertained nonetheless. The last battle of the novel is epic, and makes me curious to see what else the author’ s got up her sleeve.

Rating: 7
January 2009
ISBN# 978-0-451-22575-7 (paperback)


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