Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wild & Hexy - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Wild & Hexy
Vicki Lewis Thompson

Paranormal Romance

Annie Winston was the golden girl of her high school: good grades, sports star, beauty queen. Jeremy Dunstan was the geeky computer guy who worshipped her from afar. Ten years later, he still hasn’t found anyone who can measure up to Annie. While Annie married her high school sweetheart, moved to Chicago and got an on-camera job at WGN, Jeremy stayed in their hometown of Big Knob, Indiana, and opened his own Internet café. Now Annie is back in town, after a painful divorce, for her sister’s wedding.

Dorcas and Ambrose Lowell can see that Jeremy is still carrying a torch for Annie, and they think it’s a perfect match. As a witch and wizard posing as relationship counselors, they’re in a position to make the match happen. Of course, they’ve also got their hands full dealing with George, a dragon who’d rather play poker than take up his role as guardian of the forest. And the local lake monster, Dee-Dee, is lonely, too. Now there’s a challenge for any matchmaker.

I was bothered a bit by the fact that, in order to get the two main characters together, Dorcas and Ambrose used their magic to change Jeremy’s personality from shy computer geek to take-charge guy. That’s a pretty big change, and it seems essentially unfair, especially if these two are supposed to be soul mates. But that’s really a small quibble and easily set aside to make room for the subplots and a cast of characters that includes the wedding party, the majority of the town, and a witch with a history who just happened to choose this time to arrive.

The pacing is fast, and the author wastes no time getting Annie and Jeremy together. The obstacles they face are of the nonmagical variety, and are completely believable. Annie is only in town for a short time; and she loves her big city life, while Jeremy is very content with small town living. This is a fun, frothy read, perfect for a day at the beach or sitting by the pool. I prefer my paranormals a bit darker than this, but if you’re looking for laughs and hijinks, you’ve come to the right place.

Rating: 6 ½
June 2008
ISBN# 978-0-451-41258-4 (paperback)


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