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Dragon Wytch - Yasmine Galenorn

Dragon Wytch
The Sisters of the Moon, Book 4
Yasmine Galenorn


NOTE: If you haven’t read the previous books in the series (WITCHLING, CHANGELING, DARKLING) this review contains some unavoidable plot spoilers.

Camille, Delilah, and Menolly D’Artigo are not your average Seattle residents. They were born in Otherworld, and are half-Fae and half-human. Camille is a witch who is still learning to use her powers. Delilah shapeshifts, and Menolly is a recently made vampire. The three sisters are currently barred from traveling to their homeland because of a civil war in progress between two powerful Queens. Should they be discovered on the wrong side of a portal, their lives are forfeit. Adding to their concern is the disappearance of their father, who may have switched sides in the war, due to conscience.

Earthside, things are heating up, too. Denizens of Otherworld are finding unguarded portals to Earth and arriving with death and destruction in mind. That’s a problem at the best of times. This is not the best of times. A demon lord, Shadow Wing, is attempting to take over and lay waste to both Earthside and Otherworld. Trying to make sense of all of this, while keeping a handle on her out-of-control love life, Camille discovers that a great power is preparing to reassert itself. Whether for good or ill is the question. And there’s the matter of the royal unicorn who came Earthside to bestow upon Camille a priceless artifact of untold power – and was promptly attacked and robbed.

Each book in the series is devoted to one of the sisters; the fourth installment, this is the second for Camille. I confess that, of the three sisters, I find Camille the least interesting by far. I want to like her, but she reads almost as some sort of wish fulfillment. She’s gorgeous (and why shouldn’t she mention it, since it’s the truth?) she’s completely irresistible (every male lusts after her at the very least; most fall helplessly in love with her) and she’s a witch of amazing power. Even her tantrums are supposed to be adorable. It makes it very hard to feel sympathy for her, and leaves her very little room to grow. In contrast, her sisters are each flawed in their own ways, thus much more compelling as characters.

That aside, the underlying plot continues to grow and become more complex with each installment, and it’s the plot that keeps me coming back for more. The first few chapters contain quite a bit of information – necessary for new readers and a welcome reminder for longtime readers. While I found the plot developments and background fascinating, the sections devoted to Camille’s ever-expanding sex life feel like filler material. It’s all part of parcel of the experience, though, and despite the flaws, this series as a whole is an enchanting read and I look forward to the next installment.

Rating: 7 ½
July 2008
ISBN# 978-0-425-22239-3 (paperback)


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